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Idle container ship fleet
Based on the requirement of cost control, the liner shipping is more centralized, and the competition situation of the Super liner alliance appears. At the same time, a wide range of route sharing networks outside the alliance have been established, but the alliance structure is not stable. Hamburg, Germany's second largest shipping company in South Africa free edge has long been expressed interest in joining the O3, to explore the Asia Europe route. O3 is an open alliance, so it seems that O3 will become O4?
As competition intensifies, liner company invested ship in the north-south route, and camp north-south route, South America route no longer profitable as well. Hamburg South America has a dominant market share in South America, the main income from the South American market. However, last year, although its volume increased by 2.5%, but its operating income fell to $5 billion 100 million (in 2013 the same period was 5 billion 200 million euros). This year it plans to increase the volume of 20%, but the competition in the South American market has gradually increased, therefore, Hamburg, South America, trying to explore new markets.
In the second half of last year, shipping alliance potential, Hamburg South America in order to cope with the challenges of cooperation in the route, in September last year, signed a global cooperation agreement with Arabia shipping across Europe and the United states. At the time, Arabia shipping and CMA CGM has just announced the formation of O3, cscl. Since the end of last year, Hamburg, South America will be shipped by Arabia to participate in Asia - Europe, Asia - the United States airline operations.
Six months later, the chairman of the board of directors of Hamburg South American Ottmar Gast in an interview with foreign media, said that if the United States and South Africa involved in the strategy to promote the success of the East-West route, will be interested in joining O3. According to O3 insiders, in the operation, has formed a O4 pattern. It is reported that 4 liner companies have to carry out substantive cooperation, O3 to Hamburg opened 1 new eastern route; in addition, the Arabia shipping CMA-CGM and Hamburg a new route North Atlantic trade services also came into effect in May third weeks.
Alliance structure instability
The recent observation of industry consolidation action, on the one hand is called excess capacity continues, on the other hand is a large number of liner companies to build a new ship. Union state, the ship is seen as a substantial increase in the rate of container transport, effectively reduce costs, and the ship race will inevitably lead to further overcapacity and freight pressure. The latest Alphaliner data show that in June 1st, 20 of global liner companies capacity continued to rise without exception.
Under the condition of unbalanced trade volume and container ship capacity, liner company has been looking for a relatively stable cost node, which can realize the scale advantage of super large ships. In this state, the alliance is relatively loose, the structure is not stable O3 may become O4, or even On.
Based on the previous cooperation with Arabia shipping, Hamburg, South America wants to expand the East-West route, therefore, to join the O3 is considered the best choice.
Arabia shipping new type 18000TEU ship, to seek cooperation with the dominant position in Asia - Europe - South American routes liner company. OttmarGast believes that this is a good opportunity if the layout of Hamburg, Hamburg joined O3, can put its own ship, ready in the Pacific and Asia Europe routes, Hamburg can avoid the risk caused by opening the route entirely relying on its own resources. In addition to cooperation with O3, Hamburg, South America and 2M members of the mediterranean shipping also have cooperation, in May, the two liner companies reached a merger of the United States - Latin American route agreement, will be invested in the Route 7 5500TEU ship.
Despite a substantial increase in the volume of flights, but the continued decline in freight rates is still a frustrating fact. From this point of view, the role of the alliance is not fully reflected, but also the Union has not yet found the relatively stable cost node. Therefore, the current market will see a number of alliances based on cost and efficiency.





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